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Buwa Offers Flexible, Affordable, Hosted PBX Pricing

We offer hosted PBX pricing that suits your needs and budget.  Perfect for home and business users, we offer free delivery and installation. Schedule a demo or contact us to find out more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our rates are simple:

  • R69 p/mo per extension
  • R69 p/mo for the incoming 010 number
  • Add R30 per extension for recordings
  • 45c per minute for local calls
  • 70c per minute for cell phone calls
What numbers are supported?

We can only offer you a choice of 010 numbers but if you already have a Telkom or 0860 number, we can port it over for you

How long does it take?

it normally takes around 48 hours from payment for us to install your handsets and set up your system.  Please bear in mind that if you are porting an existing number to us then we will have to wait for the porting to complete

What Makes Our VOIP Phone System Unique?

Buwa uses Hosted VOIP Phone technology to provide a fully managed and customisable VOIP Phone solution. There are no up-front costs because there is no need to purchase a physical PBX device. Like other cloud services, our hosted VOIP Phone solution requires no major hardware at your office site. All you need is an Internet connection and an IP handset, no PBX required. You can connect as many devices as you require to your VOIP phone solution. The only cost for our VOIP Phone solution is a low monthly fee Remote VOIP Phone support is free. You can also easily port your business number or numbers. The contract runs on a month-to-month basis. The Hosted Switchboard works in conjunction with a Switch Telecom Business Trunk. You can select between a single telephone number or a range of telephone numbers to facilitate direct dialling towards multiple extensions. All you need is a reliable internet connection. Our Hosted VOIP Phone Solution is the ideal solution for a small home office with one user up to much larger companies and call-centres. Our VOIP phone solution scales to your needs. A VOIP technician will work with you to deliver what you need. You can make use of our online control panel to make changes to your VOIP phone solution as well as check your billing. Our VOIP phone solution works with most SIP handsets and softphones. Buwa also provides a wide range of desktop and cordless VOIP phones.

Why Our VOIP Phone System?

With Buwa’s VOIP phone system, you can access your controls and reports from anywhere with an Internet connection. You won’t need to wait for an onsite PBX technician to change your settings. Instead, you can change your entire VOIP phone system, and also get the information you need such as call records. Because we host everything you can easily move your office and simply plug in your VOIP phones into your new office Internet Like other hosted services, Buwa’s VOIP Phone Solution requires no major hardware at your office. All you need is an Internet connection and a VOIP phone, no on-site PBX required. Buwa’s VOIP phone service can be cancelled within 30 days’ notice. Additional VOIP phones are also just a phone call away. If you no longer need one of the VOIP phones, you can simply cancel it with us. What’s more, we bill per second when you make a call. You’ll never pay for services that you don’t use, and you won’t have to worry about termination fees. Improve the perception of your business with our VOIP Phone features: Welcome incoming callers to your business with features like auto-attendant and interactivie virtual recordings. Play music on hold or play recorded marketing messages to clients upon calling or entering your on-hold queue. Set up an after-hours message. You can also easily forward calls to your mobile phone or simply take your extension with you when you leave the office

What is a VOIP Phone?

A VOIP phone is a hardware or software-based telephone designed to use VOIP technology to send and receive phone calls over the Internet. The two main types of VOIP phones are hardware-based and software-based phones. Physically, a hardware-based VOIP phone looks like a traditional wired or cordless telephone handset. These phones include features such as a speakerphone or microphone and a display to show caller ID. VOIP phones also feature transfer, conference calling and support for multiple VOIP accounts. You can also get video VOIP phones for video teleconferencing.

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